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We Deliver High Quality Candidates To High Quality Law Firms.


Firm Solutions

Hatch Henderson Fivel works with many international, national and regional firms to successfully meet their strategic recruiting needs. 

There are two different ways to use a top of market legal recruiter to find lawyers, partners and groups for strategic growth:
(1) Contingent Candidate Focus and (2) Client Search Focus.



Contingent Candidate Focus

We spend significant time with a firm to understand their needs and attributes and then operate to fill those needs in a purely contingent system (we only get paid on placements). 

We value these relationship and take pride in working with firms in this manner. In this model, law firms typically talk to numerous recruiters about their needs, and top recruiters likewise have various firm needs to present to candidates they represent. This is how the vast majority of recruiting work is conducted in the lateral partner and associate markets, and we are quite comfortable in this industry standard approach.


Client Search Focus

There are times when firms want to be more proactive and  prefer a client-centric search for an important strategic need. If a firm wants to ensure more energy is spent on a specific need, and wants more control over the messaging and amount of focused effort, it can create a client focused partnership with a top recruiter. This occurs through either a retained or exclusive search.

Retained Search

  • A non-refundable retainer is paid to a recruiter in return for an aggressive recruiting effort over a period of time.

  • This “pay to play” model is the most aggressive search approach available and is derived from search products offered by executive search firms (i.e. Korn Ferry, Heidrick Struggles) to hire a wide range of high-end employees in corporations, including in-house attorneys for corporate legal departments.

  • Retained search is a strategic effort to get the attention of associates/partners/groups that are not “in the market,” and are not going to proactively “submit” for employment (via a recruiter or otherwise).

  • A firm is buying a recruiter’s time in advance to ensure they get the right amount of market coverage that befits their brand, and a real commitment (likely 100+ hours) for a professional proactive strategic outreach to educate specific lawyers/groups/boutique firms about the opportunity.

  • We have significant experience and success with this search product.

Exclusive Targeted Search

  • While retained search is the most muscular recruiting approach, an exclusive targeted arrangement achieves some of the same advantages. The advantages of both models are driven by a strategic team approach.

  • This approach is contingent and does not involve any up-front fees.
    The goal in both retained and exclusive search is to create a “win-win” paradigm where recruiter and firm have aligned incentives and goals.

  • We collaborate closely with the client to identify the appropriate targets to recruit and have a period of time to convert those targets into submissions.
    We get more time, information and client focus on the search and are willing to put in extra effort and time to help a firm achieve its strategic goals.

  • We have significant experience and success with exclusive targeted searches. 

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We have spent over 20 years refining these client-oriented processes, the details of which further distinguishes them from the contingent candidate focused approach. There are important elements in our products, including key steps, phases, target lists, progress reports and other client deliverables, that highlight the value of working this way towards a strategic recruiting goal. For more detailed information about these types of searches, please contact us.

Why Hatch Henderson Fivel?

Deep Experience

Founding partners with 60+ combined years of experience, developing deep market intelligence and insight. We are a best-in-class legal recruiting firm, committed to successful long-term placements.

Proven Success

A proven track record of success with hundreds of placements and numerous AmLaw firm office openings in major metro markets.


One of the very few boutique firms that can handle all permanent attorney recruitment needs, from associates and counsel level attorneys, to partners, practice groups and boutique firms.

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