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We Place Lawyers At The Best Law Firms In The World.

At Hatch Henderson Fivel (HHF), we are all about the people we serve. Our unswerving focus is developing long term trusted relationships of value with successful career minded partners, up and coming lawyers and major law firms seriously interested in strategic growth.

At HHF, our mission is to help high quality lawyers find their ideal career paths while also helping law firms find the best legal talent for their unique needs.


5 Things To Know About US


We have 60+ combined years of experience, a deep understanding of the industry and a proven track record of success in placing partners and top lawyers in high-quality international, national, and regional firms. 

Objective Advice

Our commitment to providing credible, objective expert advice enabling the right strategic decisions sets us apart (even if it's not in our financial interest). We play the long game.

It’s Personal

Our dedication to our craft drives us to invest the time to get to personally know the lawyers we serve, help them clearly identify their goals, and work tirelessly to meet their needs.  We also have deep knowledge of our law firm clients - we know their leaders, their practices and their cultures.  This deep knowledge enables us to facilitate long-lasting career moves.

Thought Leadership

We are thought leaders in the industry, frequently consulted by the press and speak regularly at legal market conferences and law schools. Law firms frequently seek our advice on lateral market strategies prior to seeking recruiter services.

Best in Class

We are a best-in-brand high-quality placement firm. We build trusted relationships, layer on deep market insight and expert professional service, and make successful long-term placements.


Meet Our Team

JH BIo Pic Alternative 2.jpg

Jennifer Henderson

Partner & Co-Founder

MF Bio Pic_edited.jpg

Michelle Fivel

Partner & Co-Founder

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