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We Are Experts In Advising Law Firm
Who Want To Be Extremely
About Their Careers.


Partner Solutions

Law firm partner recruiting is unique. It’s the only industry (other than sports or entertainment) where top recruiters are market makers for their candidates, and provide expert career advice in navigating the panoply of firm choices.

We are one of the few legal recruiting firms that has the deep experience and market expertise to professionally advise top law firm partners in evaluating change (i.e. we have opened numerous AmLaw offices and new practice groups in major markets). We know partners need to make choices, a threshold one being whether to utilize the services of a recruiter. Even though we strongly believe we are the best choice among recruiters, we recommend partners avail themselves of high end professional advice from a deeply experienced recruiter before making the most pivotal decision of their career.


Reasons a Partner Should Use a Top Recruiter

Having an agent is common and expected for top partners.

Considering a move at the partner level is a complex process that lends itself to professional advice and representation. 

Access, Information and Advocacy

  • We have access to top decision makers.

  • We provide partners critical information about the firms, as we know them globally, and can assess their cultures and practices (often we have information firms themselves don’t even know).

  • We are advocates for partners we represent. All three come into play to assist a partner not well-versed in making lateral moves and find themselves far out of their comfort zone (a positive trait, no partners desire to become highly experienced in moving firms).

Having an agent is discreet.

Our involvement denotes confidentiality. First, we can assess strategic interest without identifying a partner. This is something a partner cannot do by themselves. Second, when we do have authority to set up a discreet conversation, we keep the circle as tight as possible. Our livelihood and reputation depends on it.

Having an agent enhances a partner’s image.

We advocate for partners, and present attributes in a professional way.  We regularly update suitor firms on favorable case/deal results, new clients, media attention and awards.  It can be uncomfortable (and requires hubris) to directly inform (brag) about one’s accomplishments. Considering the nobility of our industry, it’s not a good look to be one’s own press agent. This can also apply to sensitive conversations regarding compensation, which we often buffer and facilitate.

Having a top agent is the only way to get market coverage and preserve sanity.

Having an agent ensures coverage of potentially viable alternatives, and provides a safe/private buffer to consider options (i.e. conflicts can be checked by us anonymously). Because a partner is busy practicing law, it is far more efficient (and reduces major stress) for a top recruiter to handle market research, advise on options, make discreet inquiries, facilitate processes, and supply informational and relational buffers where needed.

Partners choose how much value they get from us.

Our services are scalable. We can offer value for one firm, or one market. Those that want a relationship with aligned goals with our commitment to further their individual career objectives above any particular opportunity, can set the dial there. Because law firms aggressively compete for top talent, as one would expect, some help interpreting law firm overtures is important. While a partner can’t control the competitive ethos of law firms, they do have control over maximizing objective advice and consultative value from a top recruiter (and in developing a trusted market resource throughout their career).

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